Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Running Shoes Finally Hit the Track

Our last Annual Physical Examination in November2012 gave us unsatisfactory results. Both hubby and I had above normal results in cholesterol, triglycerides and VLDL and are advised to engage in regular exercise and high fiber, low fat and low salt diet. 

I already started jogging + walking everytime we don’t have badminton games, hubby did not he was too lazy to jog+walk and always gives me reason that he has no running shoes.

Last Sunday, I sliced our monthly saving (with hubby’s consent) went to The Althlete’s Foot and ourselves new running shoes that are less than 3k each, the maximum shoe amount we can afford is only until 3k.

I got a Nike Dual Fusion with original price of P 3,795.00, paid P2,656.5 because it was on 30% less while hubby got a New Balance Running with tag price of P2,795.00 (no discount).

On Monday after office, these running shoes finally hit the track of Pelaez Sports Center. It was hubby’s first so I have no choice but to accompany him while jogging + walking or else he’ll stop after 1 round and wait for me to finish (dahil boring daw). At least his first time, accomplished 1 round of jog + 4 rounds of walk, not bad.

And by the way, our little one was with us too, we fetched him after his therapy. Look how he enjoyed running in the rubber area of the complex.

Next scheduled will be on Wednesday also after office but this time without hubby because he's on duty. He has valid reason not to exercise. toinkz!.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Enjoying our First Family Day with HCI

I enrolled my son in a toddler school near our area for a very reason; I want him to learn how to socialize with other kids because he was always alone at home with no other kids in sight, only his Yaya (Ate Joy) whenever we’re at work. 

Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village Camp Ground

Last Saturday February 23, 2013, the school had a Family Day at Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village, Cugman, Cagayan de Oro City, accordingly this activity happens every year. It was our first time to join a Family Day in school, we do not know yet how the activity runs. All we did was abide the school’s instructions.
Holy Child Institute Family Day Tarpaulin
Every family was asked to bring one potluck viand/food for lunch. We wanted something different, I asked Joy’s idea and she said how about a “Chicken Curry?”, I agreed right away because chicken curry is one of my favourite food. Also, we’re obliged to bring our own rice, utensils, drinks and other things the family needs.

Anyway, the activity started around 9AM. Glad we arrived early and were able to park the car near the activity area, or else we’ll be walking and carrying all our stuffs from the entrance to the camp ground which is about 500m in distance, downhill.

There were a lot of games lined up for the day, to be participated by kids and parents. First, was so called Family Bingo, which is quite different from the bingo I have known, it was more like a math quiz. The emcee will be giving math problems, and the participants will solve the problem and look for the answer at the bingo sheet. My brain did worked for a while (although I am an engineer, I can’t rapidly compute using only my brain because the truth is engineers rely on calculators, hehe) and good thing the problems were only additions and subtractions. Ask me if I won? Nope! But it was cool!

Second was a group activity. Every level we’re asked to make a flag the represents our level. We’re asked to explain our drawings, then the rest of the group mates will do their cheer and later one of the daddy’s of the group will raise the completed flag in designated flag pole. I did the drawing (no picture, hubby was looking after Xye), the rest (one mom, 2 ates including Ate Joy) did the cheer and it was hubby who raised the flag for the Toddlers group afterwards.

Dads of all levels carrying the hand drawn flags
Papa Jes showing the flag we had with concept playground for toddlers.

Hubby sprinting hahahaha... wala naman prize ang winner
Papa Jes raising the flag for the Toddlers Level
Third was the apple eating contest. Moms and Dads were chosen as participants. Luckily we’re not called because if we were, I had to pass because of my teeth brackets/braces.  I can’t bite from a whole apple fruit.

couples participated in the apple eating contest
Fourth the shoe box race for kids. My son did not participate because he’s too young and can’t understand instructions yet.

Xye's classmate CJ joining the shoe box race
Fifth, I don’t know the game’s name but it was participated by Moms, Dads and Kids. We participated too. Our task was “Dad, Mom and Kid walk while feet tied together, holding bananas in hand while walking”. Easy task huh!, the irony was there were 3 huge bananas to consume when we reach the target point before the other family can move on. I can’t imagine eating them, thank goodness they reduced the number instead of 3 to 1 banana. Did our group won? Nope again. But it was also real fun and I’m glad that our little boy participated. Way to go Kiddo!

busy tying the ribbon on our feet. Xye looking down wondering what's going on.
walking hand in hand foot by foot as one family
Sixth is the blanket carry, no picture for this one. Ate Joy and I participated and it was hubby’s turn to look after Xye. This was the most tiring game. Considering the heat of the sun and the heavy weights of the participants, it was exhausting. Ask if we won? Yes we did, I don’t know how, but still we won! lol

Lastly before lunch is the coin transfer game, participated by adults, three groups of seven. Hubby and I participated again. I thought we’re not going to do anything but stand side by side, but instead we moved from one point to another while transferring 10 centavo coin at a time using our point fingers. Imagine transferring 10 pieces of 10 centavo coin? It was really tiring but fun too, even the sun was burning our skin, we ended the game with smiles on our faces. Thankful it was the last activity, all of us were tired and hungry, all waiting for lunch.

After the lunch we had the group pictorials.

The toddlers with parents

The whole group
Anyone was allowed to enjoy the cool water of the swimming pool with minimal usage fee. Although, we wanted Xye to enjoy the pool experience, but we opted to go home ahead because we weren’t able to bring extra clothes with us and besides our little one was already sleepy. 

We did pictorials before the activity had started.

Xye and his Ate Joy
Mother and Son tandem

Xye checking out the water
Overall, our first Family Day organized by Holy Child Institute was indeed full of fun and excitement. 

Father and Son tandem

our family picture in purple
We’re looking forward for the same activity next time. Thanks Holy Child Institute for the experience. :)

Friday, February 22, 2013


Most of bloggers out there have submitted their entries for Start the Year Right with Sulit. But in my case, I wasn’t able to join the fun, because I been very very busy the past weeks + an emergency in the family.

Now that they have extended the contest until March 5, 2013, the door of opportunity had opened for me. I’m joining the fun this time I hope it’s not too late. So here’s my  10 SULIT MUST-HAVE’S that will surely start my year right;

This gadget is in my wishlist this year. I wanted to join the tablet era, I wished for a portable gadget that can connect to the internet anytime, anywhere so that I can regularly check and update my blogs. 

Also in my wishlist this year, is a sewing machine. This particular equipment will allow me to make my own curtains, bed sheets and pillow cases, etc. I want these covers in our home all with my personal touch.

Hubby got a Samsung Galaxy S3 from his brother. The irony is, it is a China phone bought in HongKong. It’s my first time to see SG S3 with dual sim function, it’s cool though, but I assume that that gadget will not last long. Hence, I wanted an original Samsung Galaxy S3 for my husband. 

Ever since I had a DSLR, the other side of me is still not contented with just kit lens alone. I wanted a much powerful lenses, but unfortunately my financial capacity cannot allow it. Do you know what my greatest photography wish? It is to own a “macro lens”. Yes! I wanted a macro lens because I want to explore the world of macros. Just like the title of my photoblog Life’s Concealed Details, I wish to expose the hidden details of tiny things that are not visible to our naked eyes. 

My son is currently undergoing occupational therapy and these wooden educational toys will be of big help for us.

I wish to start a small craft business at home. I want to explore my creativity in making cards, invitations, giveaways, etc. And craft robo is one of the equipment that I needed to start this wishful small home based business.


Soon our little prince will be capable to sleep on his own (hoping and praying). And when that time comes I want a ready space for him at home. So as early as this year I wish to have a kiddie bedroom just for him.

Although I’m not born with a talent in cooking delicious foods, still I am hoping to have a neat kitchen at home. Modular kitchen Cabinets will be very helpful to orginize our presently cluttered kitchen stuffs. And with a new well arranged kitchen, I think it will help encourage me to learn the art of cooking.

Aside from a well organized kitchen I wanted a new dining set at home, ours is already dilapidated and needed to be replaced so badly.

And lastly a

As much as we want our friends and relatives to stay with us every time they visit the city, we really can’t invite them because our small house doesn’t have enough rooms to accommodate them. Having them sleep at the “sala” or living room using a sofa bed will be fine as long as they want to, that way we can help them save from hotel cost.

Those are the 10 must-haves I found at Sulit, how about you? Do you have your 10 must-haves from Sulit? If yes write them at the comment section together with your full name, Facebook profile URL or Twitter ID using format below and get the chance to win 10k worth of GCs only from

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