Monday, February 18, 2013

InstaPic: My 2013 Valentine's Day

We dreamt of spending this year Valentine's Day in a cozy restaurant with lobster on our plate but because of a family emergency we had to disregard the idea. We can't afford an expensive dinner date in this time of family crisis. And also, hubby was not around during the day, he was still in Bukidnon until the 9th death day of his father on Feb 15th.

Anyway, V-day was still fun in some ways at the office, because our company CEO thru the HR department gave each one of us a KitKat Chocolate.

Eight ladies among the 140 employees in our department received 1 red rose from Sir Rej.  He usually gives out 1 red rose to all the ladies in the department every V-Day. Thanks Sir!

And my sweetest Valentine's even though his Papa was not around, was having a simple dinner at home with my handsome Valentino Xye. On our plates instead of lobsters were homemade "bihon" cooked by our loyal househelp Bernadeth,

 Seeing our little prince smile is enough to complete our day with or without occasion.

Belated Happy Valentines Day!


  1. How thoughtful your company was to give every employee a pack of Kitkat!

  2. same the the office, they gave us kitkat too .. hehehe

  3. Nothing beats Valentines and a home cooked food with kids!


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