Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our First Run Had Kicked-Off

Last Thursday I wasn't able to play badminton because most of the players were on travel.  And because I desperately want to sweat out, I felt like I gained extra pounds during our vacation in Manila last week, I asked my friend Nice to kick-off our first run. She agreed, and after work, off we went to Pelaez Sports Complex. It was my first time to visit the place I was amazed seeing a lot of people on the track. 

Can you believe it? I actually was able to complete four rounds of run while Nice had three. Compared to her I think I already had regained a little of my stamina because I'm playing badminton again lately. After I did my 4th round, I joined Nice for 2 rounds of walk to cool down.

Our first run+walk was indeed fun and de-stressing and seeing these people from thin to chubby running, exercising the more we are determined to continue our running journey.

I hope to see ourselves again at the sports complex in weeks to come. x crossfingers x

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  1. Great for you! This made me miss playing badminton with friends then eating out after. Hehe!


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