Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Running Shoes Finally Hit the Track

Our last Annual Physical Examination in November2012 gave us unsatisfactory results. Both hubby and I had above normal results in cholesterol, triglycerides and VLDL and are advised to engage in regular exercise and high fiber, low fat and low salt diet. 

I already started jogging + walking everytime we don’t have badminton games, hubby did not he was too lazy to jog+walk and always gives me reason that he has no running shoes.

Last Sunday, I sliced our monthly saving (with hubby’s consent) went to The Althlete’s Foot and ourselves new running shoes that are less than 3k each, the maximum shoe amount we can afford is only until 3k.

I got a Nike Dual Fusion with original price of P 3,795.00, paid P2,656.5 because it was on 30% less while hubby got a New Balance Running with tag price of P2,795.00 (no discount).

On Monday after office, these running shoes finally hit the track of Pelaez Sports Center. It was hubby’s first so I have no choice but to accompany him while jogging + walking or else he’ll stop after 1 round and wait for me to finish (dahil boring daw). At least his first time, accomplished 1 round of jog + 4 rounds of walk, not bad.

And by the way, our little one was with us too, we fetched him after his therapy. Look how he enjoyed running in the rubber area of the complex.

Next scheduled will be on Wednesday also after office but this time without hubby because he's on duty. He has valid reason not to exercise. toinkz!.