Sunday, March 31, 2013

Good Friday at Divine Mercy Shrine

As expect on long weekend like this, tons of reports were on my desk on Wednesday and I wasn't able to complete them. That was the reason why on Maundy Thursday I never got a chance to visit the church. I was working eight hours overtime to finish off everthing so that on Good Friday, my schedule will be free and will be dedicated to God and my family. 

On Good Friday we spent few hours at Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador, Misamis Oriental. Actually it was our first time to visit the shrine on Holy Week and looks like from now on we'll be doing it every year, since we'll be staying in Cagayan de Oro for good. 

And hopefully next year, we'll be able to do the Visita Iglesia on Maundy Thursday also.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

InstaPic: Pasalubong from Baguio

A friend, colleague, badminton teammate, who is currently assigned at La Union and is from Baguio came to Cagayan de Oro to attend a seminar. She texted me ahead of time that she'll be coming over, I joked her to bring me pasalubong from Baguio.

On Monday, she went to the office and brought these two jars of jams (strawberry and ube) all the way from Baguio. Weeeh! I love it!

We talked for a while and later she had to leave because they have seminar. Too bad I wasn't able to take her to dinner because her boss was with her and they also have dinner meeting with the rest of her counterparts here in Mindanao.

Anyway, Thanks Beth for the yummy pasalubong! :) See you again next time. :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

How a Woman's Body Changes during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the exciting phase in a woman's life. No matter how the physical changes is distorting your once beautiful body, everything will be erased because the joy of carrying a child for nine months, feeling the little kicks inside your tummy and seeing your child for the first time are priceless moments.

Here's an infographic showing how a woman's body changes during pregnancy.

How a Woman’s Body Changes During Pregnancy

This year, I'm hoping and praying for another pregnancy, another bundle of joy and even though how big and obese I'll become after, it's okay as long as I'll be able to give birth to a healthy child.

This Infographic is courtesy of 'Pregnant Weeks' and Designed by 'Charts'.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Coffee and Tea

I am or was a coffee lover. I usually have coffee for breakfast and few more cups at the office, overall I have an average of 3 to 4 cups a day. 

But lately, I refrained myself from too much coffee. I'm trying my best to have a single cup in the morning and no more coffee at the office. And so far, I'm doing great because instead of coffee I'm switching to green tea. Yep! Green Tea is becoming my favorite now a days. 

The Thermocafe tumbler that I received as Christmas gift is finally of used. 

I want my tea a little sweet. I bought honey at the grocery instead of sugar to sweetened my delightful beverage.

How about you? Which do you prefer coffee or tea? But before that, below is an infographic about coffee and tea that I stumbled upon. Read on...

Get health and fitness tips at

Both coffee and tea have their own health benefits but drinking too much is also bad to our health. Drinking moderately is the key.

health and fitness tips at

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Xye's Summer Hair

  Xye has a natural curly/wavy hair (not the kinky one).  


And these big curls were already visible. 


On Saturday Xye went for a new hair cut together with his father at Gaisano Mall Barbershop. 


He usually have this hair cut..

08.21.2012 and 08.17.2012

This time we decided a semi-skinned head haircut for a change and it is perfect for summer.

But sadly my little boy looks really different with his new hair. :-( hindi ako sanay...
I think this will be the first and last semi-kalbo hair, I’ll stick with his usual haircut next time. Hehehe..

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

InstaPic: First Weekend of March 2013

Our first weekend of March 2013 was more of shopping spree and a kicked-off of Summer 2013. Thanks to our beloved company for giving us another blessing termed as performance bonus last week. Here's what we did on Saturday and Sunday;


6:00AM - We started the day with a few runs + walk at Pelaez Sports Center with Nice and Joven. Although hubby was with us he did not join the run, his legs still hurts (daw) after our badminton games on Thursday night, so instead he played Yaya to our son, who's with us also and was \enjoying the open field.

10:00AM - Opened a Junior Savings Account for our little boy at Banco de Oro.

11:00 AM - Went to Gaisano Mall and bought these clothes + cap for our little one and baby floater + hand pump also then later did our grocery at Gaisano Supermarket.

By the time we arrived home, our little boy was already awake from his nap, he was tired running at the open field early in the morning.

At 2:00 PM off we went for shopping with our little one.

Look at his feet resting on the dashboard, he was sitting on my lap at the front seat.

2:15 PM - At Lim Ket Kai Mall, our main purpose was to buy him the Spiderman shoes below which. The store has this so called policy that "picture taking in the store is prohibited" which sucks actually. I did not listen and took some snaps, anyway I'm going to buy the item. (hanggang imbyerna na lang sila! haha)

2:30 PM off we went to SM City and bought Xye his new rash guard + some shopping for myself like high heeled shoes and black slacks that I need to wear at the office. New corporate dress code had been imposed.

On Sunday, we kicked-off our Summer 2013 by spending approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes at Opol Beach, Misamis Oriental. 

Xye was still asleep when I carried him from the bedroom, but the moment were inside the car he woke up with a smile. hehe We arrived at the beach  before 6AM and waited for the beautiful sun rise.

If last year Xye was so afraid with the water, this time he really did enjoyed the beach.

If last year he runs away from the sea this time he runs towards it. This is a good sign that, he's ready for a vacation in one of the beautiful beach resorts in our country. Hope to take him there, somewhere soon... :)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

BDO Junior Savings

Since last year, hubby and I were planning to get a savings account for our little one but was too busy to drop by at the bank. Yesterday, the first Saturday of March 2013, hubby and I finally were able to open a Junior Savings account for him. 

We chose BDO because we currently have our payroll and personal accounts with them and it will be easier to transfer funds using internet banking. 

We hope to be able to deposit at least P500 in Xye's savings account every month. This is also our way of preparing a better future for him aside from the college educational plan we've got.