Tuesday, March 5, 2013

InstaPic: First Weekend of March 2013

Our first weekend of March 2013 was more of shopping spree and a kicked-off of Summer 2013. Thanks to our beloved company for giving us another blessing termed as performance bonus last week. Here's what we did on Saturday and Sunday;


6:00AM - We started the day with a few runs + walk at Pelaez Sports Center with Nice and Joven. Although hubby was with us he did not join the run, his legs still hurts (daw) after our badminton games on Thursday night, so instead he played Yaya to our son, who's with us also and was \enjoying the open field.

10:00AM - Opened a Junior Savings Account for our little boy at Banco de Oro.

11:00 AM - Went to Gaisano Mall and bought these clothes + cap for our little one and baby floater + hand pump also then later did our grocery at Gaisano Supermarket.

By the time we arrived home, our little boy was already awake from his nap, he was tired running at the open field early in the morning.

At 2:00 PM off we went for shopping with our little one.

Look at his feet resting on the dashboard, he was sitting on my lap at the front seat.

2:15 PM - At Lim Ket Kai Mall, our main purpose was to buy him the Spiderman shoes below which. The store has this so called policy that "picture taking in the store is prohibited" which sucks actually. I did not listen and took some snaps, anyway I'm going to buy the item. (hanggang imbyerna na lang sila! haha)

2:30 PM off we went to SM City and bought Xye his new rash guard + some shopping for myself like high heeled shoes and black slacks that I need to wear at the office. New corporate dress code had been imposed.

On Sunday, we kicked-off our Summer 2013 by spending approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes at Opol Beach, Misamis Oriental. 

Xye was still asleep when I carried him from the bedroom, but the moment were inside the car he woke up with a smile. hehe We arrived at the beach  before 6AM and waited for the beautiful sun rise.

If last year Xye was so afraid with the water, this time he really did enjoyed the beach.

If last year he runs away from the sea this time he runs towards it. This is a good sign that, he's ready for a vacation in one of the beautiful beach resorts in our country. Hope to take him there, somewhere soon... :)