Thursday, March 28, 2013

InstaPic: Pasalubong from Baguio

A friend, colleague, badminton teammate, who is currently assigned at La Union and is from Baguio came to Cagayan de Oro to attend a seminar. She texted me ahead of time that she'll be coming over, I joked her to bring me pasalubong from Baguio.

On Monday, she went to the office and brought these two jars of jams (strawberry and ube) all the way from Baguio. Weeeh! I love it!

We talked for a while and later she had to leave because they have seminar. Too bad I wasn't able to take her to dinner because her boss was with her and they also have dinner meeting with the rest of her counterparts here in Mindanao.

Anyway, Thanks Beth for the yummy pasalubong! :) See you again next time. :)