Tuesday, April 30, 2013

First Time in Public Park

We had a different Sunday last week, because instead of spending time at the mall which people usually does these days, we spent it outside, under the shades of the trees in a public park in the city. After staying in Cagayan de Oro for about a year now, I realized we never visited or spent sometime in a park.

The park infront of the Provincial Capitol is a huge and well maintained public place. There were a lot of people roaming around, couples dating, children playing, religious sector preaching and group of students practicing their dance moves.

As expected our little boy really enjoyed playing, running, walking inside the park, he doesn't get tired (napagod na lang ang tatay sa kakahabol). hehehe

Even though we only spent about 30 minutes there, it still feels good to just unwind, relax and watch people from different walks of life in an open public place. We plan to visit again in days to come.  

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dinner with Old Friends from the Head Office

Last week, a good friend of mine from the Head Office came to Cagayan de Oro City for a business trip. Hubby and I meet her on Saturday and had dinner at Delecta Resto in Centrio Ayala Mall. We had a good and enjoyable chat for hours.

We agreed to meet again two nights later because one of our "barkada" also is coming over, he's also our friend and colleague from the Head Office before, but after the privatization of our company he remained in the government side while the rest of us were absorbed by the private concessionaire.

Anyways, on Monday hubby and I fetched JM at Dynasty Hotel and Joan at Seda Hotel and went for a heavy night snacks at Bigby's Resto Lim Ket Kai. Actually as far as I remember it was also our second time to dine at Bigby's.

Cagayan de Oro has a lot of restaurants to chose from but hubby and I don't have the time and budget to visit all of them. Anyway, we chose to dine in a resto that is locally grown that our two guests had never visited before.

These were the dishes we chose from the menu; squiggly squid, the food trip platter and the CDO sinuglaw. Although the dishes have different taste, but they were delicious according to JM and Joane.

We devoured everything while chatting about the past and the existing situations at work and personal lives. Later I asked if there are still room for Starbucks coffee but they decided to call the night off because Joane has to leave early the following morning while JM had a lot of work to be done. After all their visit in Cagayan de Oro is mainly because of work.

Meeting with friends after such a long time is fulfilling and a good break from our hectic and busy schedule at work.

To JM and Joane hope to see you again in the near future.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Shopping at SM 3-Day Sale

The first two hours of SM Mall Wide Sale is the most awaited time of shoppers, because aside from the discount prices of items, you'll get another 10% less using your Advantage Card. 

As expected last Friday, as early as 9:30AM (because we arrived by that time) paying counters were already with multiple lines of shoppers ready to pay the items that they have already reserved days before. 

I also reserved the potty training system. After I got it from the promo lady, I asked hubby to join the lines while I did the rest of the shopping.

I bought my son another set of rash guard, 3 pairs of socks, shorts, 2 shirts and a Ben 10 back pack.

There were times that hubby and I switched places, I lined-up while hubby went to the appliance department, to get these flat irons. One Steam Iron specifically for our office uniforms which are so frustrating because of the "gusot mayaman" cloth that crumple easily (na kahit kaunting galaw eh gusot na gusot na). And another flat iron to replace our old one.

Of course we also bought something for ourselves, Ipanema flip flops for me and for hubby.

Aside from the yellow tageg items, the rest were all regular with 10% off. The we got another 10% discount for the first two hours of shopping privilege + P100 rebates using my BDO debit card. Overall we got about P1000+ savings from all our purchases. And used that savings to pay for our lunch at Roadhouse which totaled  P903.00. 

A once in a lifetime expensive lunch experience for hubby and I.

The day went well. We left SM right after our lunch. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Friday Free From Work + Techie Boy

Today is Friday and I'm work-free! Yehey! because I applied for a vacation leave. I'm taking a break from work and also I wanted to join the rest of the masses and avail the first two hour additional 10% discount on all items in today's 3-day sale at SM Cagayan de Oro City.

I'm eyeing to but the potty trainer + few stuffs for my son. I'm just waiting for hubby to arrive from work and probably by 9am we'll be hitting the mall.

Meanwhile, I just want to share my techie son's photo, who is so engrossed with his Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt tab. The first and cheapest quad-core tablet from a local brand with price tag of P3,999.00.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Chocolate + Starbucks Demitasse Mugs

Blessings are pouring this month. Aside from the salary increase we have received from the company. I also received two sets of pasalubong, one from a friend who's working at Abu Dhabi and the other from my seaman brother.

Maris told me months before that she had already got a set of Starbucks Dubai & Abu Dhabi  Demitasse mugs for me. Today, I finally got hold of the two new city mugs to be added in my Starbucks Collection. Aside from the mugs, I also have sachets of coffee + a tiramisu chocalate bar. Happiness overload!

Sweet temptations can't be resisted because my seaman half brother who seldom gives pasalubong to me, actually thought of giving me three bars of Lindt Chocolates. And of course I wouldn't said NO for an answer and gladly accepted it.

I hope Maris and Kuya Dan will be able to read this post because I truly appreciate the pasalubong you have given me. Thanks! Mwah!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Smartphone Game Apps that I Currently Love

Lately I'm hooked with these two brain twisting smartphone games, the 4 Pics 1 Word and the Pic Combo.

4 pics 1 word (photo not mine)

The goal of 4 Pics 1 Word is to the find missing word by deciphering the common word in the four pictures shown in the puzzle.

Some were so easy to identify some were so hard to find. The bad side of the game is that you cannot move to the next level unless you answer the present one and it will cost you so much coins. Like 60 coins just to show a correct letter and 90 coins to delete some of the unwanted letters.

Currently I'm at level 151 and I can't find the answer yet and I don't want to use my coins yet. Maybe later I will be able to move on with the help of hubby. hehe

Pic Combo (photo not mine)

And whenever I needed a break from 4 Pics 1 Word, I play another mind twisting game the "Pic Combo". If in 4P1W you have to guess the common word of the 4 pictures shown, this time you have to solve the puzzle by combining the two different pictures (with different words) to form the answer. 

So far I'm still in level 34 and going... :)

How about you, are you in? :-)

I think these games are available for apple and android. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

My Globe My Rewards

If last year my My Globe Reward points were forfeited, this year I finally was able to claim something from it. But my accumulated points were not enough to reach the 632 points equivalent to 1 4GB USB flash drive. So, in addition to my 368 points (200 from my prepaid number + 100 from my globe tattoo stick), hubby shared his 335 points. All in all I got a total of 703 points more than enough for a USB flash drive but less than the rest of the rewards items.

I redeemed the above item before the expiration date on March 30, 2013 and last week my reward had arrive in my doorsteps.

Thanks Globe for the USB. I hope next time to received something for being a loyal subscriber, because I've been with Globe since 2000, my first CP number and is still alive to date. :-) wish lang hehehe

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

InstaPic: Crocs Bronze Flat

Four months ago my kumare and officemate ordered two crocs flats in an online shop. We've paid P500 each for the  pre-order downpayment.

Last week Ann deposited our remaining balance of P300.00 and finally this afternoon our Crocs Super Molded Patent Flats are finally in our hand.

Considering the price of P800 per pair and coming directly from US, the flats are really worth the wait. :-)