Monday, April 15, 2013

Chocolate + Starbucks Demitasse Mugs

Blessings are pouring this month. Aside from the salary increase we have received from the company. I also received two sets of pasalubong, one from a friend who's working at Abu Dhabi and the other from my seaman brother.

Maris told me months before that she had already got a set of Starbucks Dubai & Abu Dhabi  Demitasse mugs for me. Today, I finally got hold of the two new city mugs to be added in my Starbucks Collection. Aside from the mugs, I also have sachets of coffee + a tiramisu chocalate bar. Happiness overload!

Sweet temptations can't be resisted because my seaman half brother who seldom gives pasalubong to me, actually thought of giving me three bars of Lindt Chocolates. And of course I wouldn't said NO for an answer and gladly accepted it.

I hope Maris and Kuya Dan will be able to read this post because I truly appreciate the pasalubong you have given me. Thanks! Mwah!