Monday, April 8, 2013

My Globe My Rewards

If last year my My Globe Reward points were forfeited, this year I finally was able to claim something from it. But my accumulated points were not enough to reach the 632 points equivalent to 1 4GB USB flash drive. So, in addition to my 368 points (200 from my prepaid number + 100 from my globe tattoo stick), hubby shared his 335 points. All in all I got a total of 703 points more than enough for a USB flash drive but less than the rest of the rewards items.

I redeemed the above item before the expiration date on March 30, 2013 and last week my reward had arrive in my doorsteps.

Thanks Globe for the USB. I hope next time to received something for being a loyal subscriber, because I've been with Globe since 2000, my first CP number and is still alive to date. :-) wish lang hehehe