Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Shopping at SM 3-Day Sale

The first two hours of SM Mall Wide Sale is the most awaited time of shoppers, because aside from the discount prices of items, you'll get another 10% less using your Advantage Card. 

As expected last Friday, as early as 9:30AM (because we arrived by that time) paying counters were already with multiple lines of shoppers ready to pay the items that they have already reserved days before. 

I also reserved the potty training system. After I got it from the promo lady, I asked hubby to join the lines while I did the rest of the shopping.

I bought my son another set of rash guard, 3 pairs of socks, shorts, 2 shirts and a Ben 10 back pack.

There were times that hubby and I switched places, I lined-up while hubby went to the appliance department, to get these flat irons. One Steam Iron specifically for our office uniforms which are so frustrating because of the "gusot mayaman" cloth that crumple easily (na kahit kaunting galaw eh gusot na gusot na). And another flat iron to replace our old one.

Of course we also bought something for ourselves, Ipanema flip flops for me and for hubby.

Aside from the yellow tageg items, the rest were all regular with 10% off. The we got another 10% discount for the first two hours of shopping privilege + P100 rebates using my BDO debit card. Overall we got about P1000+ savings from all our purchases. And used that savings to pay for our lunch at Roadhouse which totaled  P903.00. 

A once in a lifetime expensive lunch experience for hubby and I.

The day went well. We left SM right after our lunch.