Wednesday, May 8, 2013

5 Ways to Make Your Day Better

Having a bad and stressful day? Here are 5 ways that can help you kick out the negative vibes; 

Wake Up Early

Do you notice that everything seems to go wrong when you’re on a rush? These usually happen when you wake up late. Why not set up your alarm earlier than usual, that way you’ll be able prepare yourself for work or school with calm and leisure pace. 

Sweat it Out

Can sweat slash off your bad day? Seems a little weird huh, but try doing some form of physical activities like running, walking, or just dancing around the house and feel the sweat flowing - you’ll be feeling a boost of positivity before you even know it. I remember my friend told me that when he runs he feels like all the stress and negative vibes just disappear, and he feels renewed even after a short distance run.


Whether it’s your whole house, your kitchen, your room or just your desk, take time to clear out the mess and put all things you see in order and you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction when you see your space clean and bright. Because a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind, so let’s all make it a mission to tidy things up that way not only our spaces are clean but as well as our mind.

Have a Quite Time

When you’re having a bad day and wanted to bark on someone at any moment, why not take a little time off. Take out yourself from the crowd and have a few deep breaths in an open space and just feel the surrounding. The time you spent away can calm you down a lot, and make you less likely yell to anyone. 

Laugh Out Loud

If you don’t want to spend time alone and is really having a bad day, you can simply laugh your frustrations out loud. Why not invite your good friend that never fails to make you laugh for a lunch date or simply watch a hilarious video. When you laugh you will feel the negative vibes disperse. After all laughter is always the best medicine for a very bad day.

So when you are having a stressful just do any of the above. I tried them and it’s effective. :-)



  1. Sis. I cant agree more.I usually do all these when I am lost in perspective and uninspired.

  2. I do all 5, almost everyday. That makes me happy everyday I guess.


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