Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Celebration of Love, Happy Mother's Day

"A Mother's love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible."

Today is a celebration of love, a love for all the mothers in the world. Although there is no big celebration for us today because hubby has to work, it is still a blessing for me because I'm spending the day with my one and only Xyrus my first born, my first bundle of joy.

Although he's a little developmentally delayed for his age and is on going occupational therapy he is always the best thing that ever happen to us. We're hoping and doing our best to optimize his future potential for him to have a better life. After all, that's what parents are to their children, that's what a mother is to her child doing everything they can, making the impossible possible.

And also this year's Mother's Day is also a very blessed one because by the end to the year we are expecting another addition to our family. Yep! God is giving me another chance to become a mother to another child after I lost our angel girl last year.

And hope this time, everything will be alright, healthy and no complications. I'm doing all the best I can do to take care of the life I have inside me and looking forward to hold him or her by Christmas Day. 

Happy Mother's Day to All the Mothers in the World
Especially to my Mom who is already with our Almighty Father but still remains in our hearts. 

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  1. Just recently discovered your blog and i love it!
    your from cdo?me too! :)


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