Monday, May 20, 2013

Healthy Basics that should be in your Handbag

Admit it! We ladies have a lot of unnecessary things in our handbags and usually forgot to pack along basics that are needed for the good of our health.
1. Hand Sanitizer or Alcohol

Without realizing it, we always come into contact with bacteria. Holding coins or bills is as dirty as public toilets, or simply opening/holding door knobs make us definitely come in contact with hundreds of bacteria. Hence, it is important to bring along hand sanitizer to cleanse our hands, especially before handling foods.

2. Medications

Be prepared to whatever unexpected medical condition outside our home. Always bring along medications that you are maintaining or even over the counter fever and allergy medicines and painkillers. It’s important to be prepared always.

3. Water 

Drinking water is one fuel that we need to power up our day. It is important to drink enough fluid to keep our organs healthy, increase our energy levels, detoxify our body, improve digestion and reduce hunger. Always keep a bottle of water in your hand bag to stay hydrated throughout the day.

4. Nutritious Snacks

We sometimes tend to be hungry and crave for something like junk foods. To help us get through our day without getting our hands with unhealthy foods, it is important to pack along healthy snacks like dried fruits, unsalted nuts, and low calorie crackers.

5. Sunscreen Lotion

Overexposure to sun may cause skin ageing and skin cancer. Only few women and men use sunscreen protection just like myself. To prevent our skin from these unlikely diseases it is important to keep at least an SPF 15 sun protection in our hand bag and reapply sometime in the day when exposed to sun for a longer periods. 

It’s time to dig out and get rid of the unneccessary things that are considered trash in our handbags like old tickets, old unreadable receipts, etc. and replace them with the 5 necessary healthy essentials mentioned above. 



  1. Guilty of not bringing the essentials like meds and sunscreen. :)

  2. Except for the medication, which I always carry because I must really have it always, I find it difficult to carry the other 4 and just try to grab a few on the way and sometimes..its frustrating to know we cannot find any of what we need around specially when travelling. Your reminder is a good one to follow.

  3. I have 1-4 in my bag, plus with the medications, I include my in case of emergency bandaid, betadine, erceflora, and eyemo. Number 5 is left at the car.


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