Friday, May 24, 2013

Reunion After More than 6 Years

We were strangers before and became friends sometimes in 2003 when badminton was a craze. Badminton brought us together, formed a group of young professionals all crazy about the game then started to hang out inside and outside the court. The originals include Jessie, Joven, Abel, Joel, Kathy, Nice and myself. 

In 2006 Kathy, left for US to be with his husband who works there then a year later Abel also left for US. 

Over the years each one of us had chosen our own life path. Jessie and I migrated to nearby city. Joel also is staying here in CDO while Nice and Joven remain in Iligan City.  But after all these years we still are friends and had made sure to see each other when one is in town.

Two weeks ago, Kathy came home because of family emergency, after she had settled her purpose, she did found time to visit us here in Cagayan de Oro City.

Kathy, Nice and Joven came on May 18 and stayed at our humble home because we wanted to spend more time chatting.

Joel also came on Saturday morning with his wife and nephews. We've waited for them at home before going out for lunch.

Later, we had a sumptuous lunch at Hukad, Centrio Mall.

Then had coffee at Starbucks.

As you can see in the pictures, we had 4 dozens of J.Co. Yep! we've finally able to get the famous donut in town because Kathy was patient enough to fall in line. Lol...

The day ended with some wacky shots outside our home before they headed back to Iligan City.
A reunion after 6.5 years apart with Kathy was one memorable moment for us. Eventhough we only bonded less than 24 hours because she had to spend the rest of her vacation with her mom, we still had a great time together. 

Tomorrow, Kath will fly back to US. Have a safe trip back to your family. We hope next time you and Abel will be coming home together for a grand reunion. hehehe

By the way this photo was taken sometime in 2006. Can you spot the difference from the rest of the photos posted above?

from left: Me, Kathy and Nice


  1. Its always nice to see old friends again.:) Following you. Follow back?:)

  2. Keeping the connection with friends makes us all even closer even though it is just once in a year or two years or what ever. Reunions are great!


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