Monday, May 27, 2013

Starbucks City Mug: Atlanta

In my last post I wrote about our very good friend who is already a US resident who came to visit us after more than 6 years. 

I did not expect for any pasalubong from her, because the reason she came home was due to family emergency. But to my surprise, she was able to pack my requested mug which according to her was bought in 2011 (I checked the mug edition, and it is indeed copyrighted in 2011). A new addition to my Starbucks Mug collection is a city mug from Atlanta. Yippeee!

And aside from the mug, Kat also gave me 2 pouches of chocolates. Wheeee! Thanks so much Kat! :) happy face! I hope you had a nice trip back to US after all the delays. God Bless BFF!


  1. What a nice friend you have! And so thoughtful! Great collection you have. Where do you display the mugs?

  2. Love the chocolate more. hehehe

  3. She's so sweet sis. Ganyan yata talaga mga Filipino lagi may bitbit na pasalubong. :)

  4. Nice collections..and love that chocolatesssss! hmmmmm!


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