Sunday, May 5, 2013

Toy Story Monday: Guitar From Cebu City

I was at Mactan Airport Cebu on Wednesday May 1, 2013. While waiting for our flight home, I saw colorful guitars hanging in one of the shops at the airport. I remember my nephew having a plastic guitar back home and my son usually plays with it when we visit them. Without second thought, I decided to get one for Xye.

Xye was so happy when he saw me holding and strumming the guitar towards him when I arrived home that night. Eventhough he doesn't know how to play with some of his toys yet, I'm glad he can sometimes strum the strings of his new wooden guitar one by one.

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  1. We recently went to cebu and bohol too. Hubby bought a guitar for my 6yr old baby girl. She said she wl join the choir daw.Lol!


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