Sunday, June 2, 2013

Discovered New Children's Playground to Frequent

Yesterday, hubby and I took his 1st cousin Belle (who is also Xye’syaya) and Joan (our new househelp) to Unitop Store at Carmen Cagayan de Oro City, because Belle wants to purchase school supplies for her younger siblings. And Unitop is one store that sells school supplies at the lowest price and is located at the second floor of Carmen Public Market. 

While waiting for them to finish shopping, we spotted arcades and rides called Q-Zone (parang yun ang nakasulat) also at the second floor near the grocery area and inside the Q-Zone there is also a playground for children. I did not expect that there is such a place for children to play, it’s new and very clean, signs that only few had discovered the place yet. Dahil siguro ang mga may kaya at mayayaman hindi pumunta sa ganong lugar na halos puro mu-murahin ang benta, at isa pa nasa public market pa.

Anyway, for a 30 minutes play, I paid P70.00 + two pairs of socks at P10.00/pair (they require children and adult to wear socks). With that amount children will be able to enjoy, an obstacle course, slides with a pool full of colored balls, swing, seesaw, trampoline, etc. 


Xye enjoyed the slides and the trampoline the most. I’m glad we’ve discovered the place and will definitely bring Xye there next time along with his cousin para may playmate sya


  1. wish we had this before! hihihi

  2. I havent discovered this place. I think Unitop also has a branch in Cogon. Im sure my girl will love this! :)


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