Saturday, June 8, 2013

How to Plan a Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event is one tricky task even for professional planners or for just an ordinary employee who is tasked to organize an event for their organization.

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To be able to successfully organize an even like corporate events in MD, here are some steps that can help you out.

1. Make Checklists – To keep you organized and updated see to it that you make your own “what to do” and “what you need” checklists to guide you from the beginning of the planning until the day of the event.

2. Conceptualize a theme for the event – Before doing all the other details first you have to identify which theme is appropriate to the crowd which you are planning. Because whether you are setting up a party or even a simple company get together, a theme will give you an idea which food, d├ęcor, program or music to choose. 

3. Date, Time, Number of Guests and Budget Set-up – before going into the details of event planning, you have to set up the date and time as early as possible. Determine the number of guests and most importantly, have a preliminary budget figure. You should determine how much is your budget for food, venue, entertainment, invitations and miscellaneous details that you want to add in the event.

4. Make Appointments with Prospective Suppliers – Now that you already have your theme and initial budget, it’s time to make appointments with suppliers. To make it easier for you, choose venue that offers free function room/area if you meet their minimum pax requirement.  

5. Determine the Menu. - Ask for food tasting if possible, or you can ask someone you know that already had experience with them. If budget allows, always go for buffet than plated meals, that way your guests will be able to enjoy the foods as much as possible. After all, foods are really important in an event. 

6. Invitation and Decorations – You already have your date, time and venue, it’s time to make the invitations and purchase the decorations needed that matches your theme. Send out invitation either via traditional mail, handing out or electronically. Don’t forget to include directions and location map in the invitation. Bring the decorations to the hotel/venue and ask their staffs and planner to decorate it for you. You can supervise if you want to. 

7. Double check you checklist – one week before, one day before or on the day event double check your checklist to make sure that you have not forgotten anything. Arrive three or two hours prior the start of the event. Check all the equipment, microphones, etc. Meet with the hotel representative for final communication and instructions.

8. Lastly, after the event make sure to return all equipments used to hotel or supplier in good condition.  

Planning an event is strenuous especially if you are one of the participants of the event. If you have sufficient budget why not get professional event organizers to do the job for you. That way you’ll be able to enjoy the event, the occasion with the rest of your colleagues as much as possible. Stress Free!