Sunday, July 28, 2013

Finger-licking Chicken Joy

We went to Iligan City last week with main reason, to visit my dentist and have my braces adjusted. I applied for a vacation leave at work because we went there on a Tuesday. I needed a driver then, I'm not in a condition to drive for more than an hour to Iligan City, and Tuesday was the only day hubby is off-duty.

And since we're bringing the car, Xye, his Ate Belle and our househelp Joan went with us (mas marami mas masaya!, hehehe). We left Cagayan de Oro City at 8:30 AM went directly to the dentist then by noon I'm done and ready for lunch.

And because Xye was with us, I chose to have our lunch at the newly opened Jolibee branch in Iligan City, Jolibee Tubod, near were we used to live. As expected we've ordered chicken joy. Can you see how happy the little boy was while licking his finger? (without the chicken) hehehe.. Yep! Chicken joy is his favorite!

When the little one eats, expect a total mess, but who cares, meron naman crew na maglilinis.

Before going, Xye had his first photo pictorial with the "big pinoy bee" at the entrance with Papa Jes.