Thursday, August 1, 2013

Frances...Our Future Guitarist

I was off from blogging for a few days because I was on official travel to my hometown Zamboanga City with my boss and a colleague to attend a meeting with our counterparts from the power sector. It was also a chance for me to visit my family back home for free.

After our meeting, my older brother picked me up at the hotel and went to his house for a family gathering, my other brother and his family was also there. I was a fun night with all the foods that big brother had prepared. As we go along with our fun conversations I learned that my niece Frances is into music.

My Niece, Frances
 Yep! The little girl that I used to cuddle before is already a teenager and is having fun with guitar in her hands. She told me that she can already play numbers of songs the she self learned in her high school days and even showed me how to strum the guitar. It was so moving! I’m so happy to see her discovering her own talent, I think I have to save up and get her an Alvarez Guitars by December, I’m sure she’ll  be so delighted.  

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  1. Wow, generous tita! Yeah, she will love that for sure. It's good to be able to play one musical instrument at least. Good way to destress, actually. :D


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