Friday, August 16, 2013

How to Make a Great Flyer

Whether it’s for business or events, print flyers should be done effectively. So how are we going to make a great flyer?

First you have to make it SIMPLE. Think of a short “catch phrase”. Flyer is about promoting your business or event, so make sure to choose a phrase that will catch people’s attention. You can enlarge the letter font, make it bold or change color, anything that will make it stand out. 

Now that you already have the “catch phrase”, it’s time to include important information. It can be about the event, special offers, or about the products and services. For business include your business name, contact number, and address while for events the date, time and location should be indicated. But always remember to make it short as possible because too wordy print flyers will surely dissuade the readers. 

For bonus points, make the flyers visually attractive by including photos or logos relevant to the subject. 

Finally, proof read the flyer. Make sure all the contents are correct before printing them.