Monday, August 12, 2013

Playing Guitar on Weekends

Back in 2000, a fresh electrical engineering graduate and board passer had to leave her hometown to look for a greener pasture to start off the career. I went to Iligan City together with three (3) guys from the same school, tried our luck by taking the exam for cadet engineers. 

Luckily the four of us landed on the top spots and made it to the first 10 to qualify in the program. We stayed and had our cadet training program with National Power Corporation for one year, hopping from power plants, to equipment maintenance and system operation every 3 months.

At the length of stay in Iligan City, I had to share house with the 3 guys. Imagine a girl like me with the 3 boys in the same house. But I don’t have a choice that time because we only have stipend of P2450 a month and was not enough to rent a room for myself + my daily expenses. Anyway the boys were very considerate and respectful, so no worries. 

During those times life was boring with nothing to do on the weekends. Good thing, two of them were into music, they know how to play the guitars. Coy bought a not so expensive guitar. Although it was nothing like the epiphone sg special at musicians friend but it did served the purpose and gave us beautiful music. They even taught me how to play guitar. I did learned playing simple piece but guitar was really not my thing. My hands were really uncoordinated, simple strumming seemed so difficult for me. 

Because of our simple house gigs, weekends were not boring after all, playing the guitar + singing were really fun for the four of us who were away from home.