Sunday, August 25, 2013

Toy Story Monday: Little Tikes Hummer 2

As much as I want to buy a remote control battery operated riding toy for my son. like this Hummer 2 from Little Tikes, I really can't afford it.  Maybe if I win the lottery I can consider...

Instead, I settled for the smaller version of Hummer 2 (H2) also from Little Tikes that I found at the Toys Surplus Shop in Davao City. I got his little toy that is still in good physical condition around P100-P120 ($2.7) months ago. 


The engine compartment should sparkle when reved up but sadly it does not work anymore, hubby will try to fix it soon...

Nevertheless, Xye still enjoys the playing with his 2nd hand H2.

If budget permits, I want to buy branded toys for my little one, because of the durability and safety features of the toys. But most of them are very expensive when sold in the Philippine market. So whenever I'm in Davao City my friend will accompany me to the surplus shop that sells branded toys from US. I do not know it the bodega shop is still open these days. I'll ask my friend first.