Monday, August 26, 2013

We are Expecting a Baby GIRL!

I was supposed to do this post two weeks ago right after my appointment with the doctor but things came up and wasn't able to compose it. Maybe because of the excitement, that persisted until now, until the d-day, until I hold her in my arm. Yep! HER because we're expecting a BABY GIRL! woot whooo!

At 21 weeks and 3 days gestation two weeks ago, I had an appointment with my OB for a schedule Congenital Anomaly Scan (CAS), it's not actually a scan that will determine the gender of the baby, but since we were already having the ultrasound, peeping on the baby's gender will not hurt, though sometimes because of the thickness of tummy fat will obscure the view. But according to may OB she can see that it's a girl! Well, I do hope she saw it clearly because I definitely want a girl. hihihi

CAS also called mid-pregnancy ultrasound scan is usually done at 20-22 weeks of pregnancy to check the development of the baby inside the womb. The sonographer who happens to be my OB-Perinologist checked and measured the baby's body parts, that includes the shape and structure of the head, face, spine, abdominal wall, heart, stomach, kidneys, arms, hands, legs, feet, placenta, fluid etc.

While the doctor is conducting the scan, I was watching the entire process on the other screen. The scan lasted about 30 minutes and so far the results were all normal! Thank You Lord! 

Now at 22 weeks 7 days, with 17 more weeks to go I continuously pray for a healthy pregnancy, no complications, normal delivery, and healthy and normal baby.

Meanwhile, with a girl coming, I want to make personalized accessories for her, I'm planning to learn how to crochet. Yep! I've seen a lot of cute crochet baby stuffs, like those made by Momaye and I really want to make some for my baby.

I even bought yarns and hooks yesterday. Though, I still have to download and watch tutorials because I'm a complete newbie in this craft. I hope I can learn it soon. If not I have to resort to other option like buying ready made hehehe..