Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Christmas Village

91 days to go before Christmas! And also means that I have 91 days to go before the D-Day! Yep! If God permits and the timing is right I'll be giving birth to a jewel on Christmas Day, the day Jesus Christ was born. An amazing gift, another bundle of joy that we'll be welcoming on December 25th. 

~ 0 ~

The moment the calendar hit the 1st day of September, Christmas spirit is already around the corner. If you’ll visit the malls, department stores and d56 you can see a lot of Christmas decors on display, from Christmas trees, ornaments, Santa clauses, etc. in different styles and stunning colors.  

I always wished to have a very huge Christmas tree, a manger that symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ and a Christmas village just like what my Ninong Junvil and Ninang Malou had in their home last year. 
The Villacillo's Christmas Village

According to them, they have been building the Christmas Village since 2009. Every year new figurines come in and after 3 years this is how the village looks like.

Isn’t it amazing? I wonder how much this collection cost, and what's the addition for this year?  

Well, as for me I’ll just satisfy my eyes by looking at their well decorated home and wished that someday my family will have a beautiful home that we can decorate together not only during Christmas but all throughout the year.

Importance of Pre-employment Background Check

Today’s business climate does not only require employers who are in need of new employees to do interviews and written examinations but as well as background checking.

Why do employers have to do a background check?

Many applicants are falsifying the information they have written in their personal data sheet or resumรจ just for the sake of getting the job or for some other reasons. Background check will let the employer know if the applicants are telling the truth, if they have criminal records, credit standing, employment history, etc.  

Background check is viewed as a mode of pinpointing only the negative information but employers can also use check background checks now as a way of knowing the good or positive side of the applicant that will be beneficial in the company. 

Hence, the process of background check is very important in finding the right or well qualified candidate for your business or company because failure to do so may haunt and destroy the business you worked so hard to build.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

InstaPic: From Bangkok

One of our colleagues went to Bangkok, Thailand last week to attend a seminar. And this morning I found these items “pasalubong” on my desk, a nail cutter keychain and am elephant design coin purse. Yippee!

Thanks Sir Lito for the pasalubong! J

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Biometric Devices

These days you seldom see private companies or government offices using the usual outdated time punch clock to record time in and time out of employees, because these can be manually maneuvered using the what we call the “buddy punching”. Meaning letting others do the punch in for you which is actually a bad practice and against the code of conduct of the company you worked for. In the company I’m in, we already use the biometric or the fingerprint employee time clock wherein our attendances are downloaded on specific dates for payroll preparation. 

Biometric is the most effective timekeeping equipment for companies to prevent time manipulation and achieve accurate timekeeping/recordkeeping of employees because it uses fingerprints. Each and every one of us has unique fingerprints, and because of that uniqueness other equipment are using the same scheme like fingerprint safes and other security devices. 

Every office in our building also have fingerprint safety devices and just this week I saw a newly installed biometric time clock which is of latest model installed at our lobby, accordingly we’ll be using the new equipment very soon.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Staying Positive at Work

Even though how busy I am in the first 4 hours of every work day because of new workloads given to me, plus our counterpart from other company that keeps bugging me every now and then for updates, I'm trying my best to stay positive always. I'm kicking out as much as possible the negative vibes that surround me these days because I know positive things will happen at the end.

Meanwhile, here's 5 Ways to Positive Thinking that I stumbled upon...

Have a Nice Wednesday Everyone!

Monday, September 16, 2013

My New Travel Companion

When my boss told me that I need to go with them to Davao City to attend the seminar workshop conducted by the Department of Energy, I have no choice but to comply and prepare my travel documents and request for flight bookings. I wanted to excuse myself from the trip again but since I wasn’t able to attend numbers of meetings held outside Cagayan de Oro City, this time I’m too apprehensive to say NO.

Anyway, it was already over and I thank God that nothing had happened to me and my unborn child during the 4-day trip. Meanwhile, I just want to share to you my new travel companion.

Yep, I decided to slash my BDO Rewards points and got myself a new small/medium (can't differentiate which one, hehehe) luggage bag from British Knight.

I wanted a four (4) trolley this time, because the old one that I have only has two. 

From so many brands and styles to choose from, I chose this dainty yellow 4-trolley luggage from BK. It’s lightweight with sturdy case made of rubber + polycarbonated plastic and is said to be more durable than those made of PVC hard case.   

With a price tag of P2,399.75 (already at 50% discount), I guess I picked the right one for me. 

 To date my remaining BDO Rewards / SMAC points balance is 2084.72.