Saturday, September 21, 2013

Biometric Devices

These days you seldom see private companies or government offices using the usual outdated time punch clock to record time in and time out of employees, because these can be manually maneuvered using the what we call the “buddy punching”. Meaning letting others do the punch in for you which is actually a bad practice and against the code of conduct of the company you worked for. In the company I’m in, we already use the biometric or the fingerprint employee time clock wherein our attendances are downloaded on specific dates for payroll preparation. 

Biometric is the most effective timekeeping equipment for companies to prevent time manipulation and achieve accurate timekeeping/recordkeeping of employees because it uses fingerprints. Each and every one of us has unique fingerprints, and because of that uniqueness other equipment are using the same scheme like fingerprint safes and other security devices. 

Every office in our building also have fingerprint safety devices and just this week I saw a newly installed biometric time clock which is of latest model installed at our lobby, accordingly we’ll be using the new equipment very soon.