Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Human Nature Products for September 2013

Everyone knows already that I’m into natural products these days because of the realization that some beauty products might contain harmful chemicals that are bad for our health. 

So far, I’ve been using Human Nature Products at home and every month I visit HN branch to get the stuffs I needed for the whole month. 

This month I got the following for myself and for my little one;


Balancing Facial Wash Elemi and Orange  – I bought the 50ml bottle last month because I wanted to try it first and since the product gave me a very satisfactory results, I opted to get the 200ml this time. Same with the Balancing Face Toner Elemi and Orange from 100ml bottle last month to 200ml this month. 

Strengthening Shampoo and Strengthening Conditioner. I been using the Moisturizing Shampoo Vanilla Lush + Moisturizing Conditioner Vanilla Lush for months now and so far I have loved this combination. This month, I wanted to try other hair care products and chose the Strengthening Shampoo and Strengthening Conditioner with Aloe Vera. Let see the product performance after a month. J

Pure Strength Black Diamond Cleansing Bar. I got a bar of this before and gave it to my husband, but sadly he doesn’t like it he still prefers the Bioderm soap. Since, sayang naman I used the bar instead, and surprisingly I come to love it. I like the refreshing after effect of the peppermint. This bar is not intended only for men.Women can use it too, so I bought 2 bars this month. 

Natural Baby Wash. If last month I got the 500ml pumped bottle, this time the 200ml bottle landed in my basket. Why? Because I won’t be sharing the same wash with my son, I already have the PS Black Diamond Cleansing Bar.

Natural Baby Lotion. I already ditched the previous baby lotion that I bought for my son and shifted to HN Natural Baby Lotion. So far, I have not seen any problems in my son’s skin.

Lastly, like last month Tough Love Dishwashing Liquid for my son’s feeding bottles is in my basket this month.

Aside from the products above, I also ordered 200ml Feminine Wash Chamomile Fresh and 100ml Night Moisturizing Cream with Plant Collagen for my officemate. 

Total Purchase of the Month:

Balancing Facial Wash Elemi and Orange 200ml –189.75

Balancing Face Toner Elemi and Orange 200ml – 179.75

Strengthening Shampoo Soothing Aloe 200ml – P129.75

Strengthening Conditioner Soothing Aloe 200ml – P144.75

Pure Strength Black Diamond Cleansing Bar- P72.75

Natural Baby Wash 200ml - P129.75

Natural Baby Lotion 200ml- P129.75

Tough Love Dishwashing Liquid 500ml - P159.75

Feminine Wash Chamomile Fresh200ml – P149.75

Night Moisturizing Cream with Plant Collagen100ml - P249.75

Total (Brochure Price) =P1,535.5

With 25% Discount = P1151.6