Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Singing Contest Audition

Last Sunday, while waiting for the father and son tandem spending one hour of play at the playhouse in SM City, I was able to watch the audition for Eat Bulaga’s “Ikaw at Echo, Ka-Voice ni Idol” singing contest, held in the said mall. 

It was my first time to witness a singing try-out for a national television show and was amazed how talented the students, ladies and gentlemen that joined the audition can be. Since, it is a singing contest that requires a contestant to be a copy cat of popular singers. The judges were very particular to the voice and gestures of the contenders. It should be the same with the original singers. I wonder if the organizers give the student participants komplete 9 student discount if selected? I’m sure it will be beneficial to the improvement of their talents if they do.