Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Christmas Village

91 days to go before Christmas! And also means that I have 91 days to go before the D-Day! Yep! If God permits and the timing is right I'll be giving birth to a jewel on Christmas Day, the day Jesus Christ was born. An amazing gift, another bundle of joy that we'll be welcoming on December 25th. 

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The moment the calendar hit the 1st day of September, Christmas spirit is already around the corner. If you’ll visit the malls, department stores and d56 you can see a lot of Christmas decors on display, from Christmas trees, ornaments, Santa clauses, etc. in different styles and stunning colors.  

I always wished to have a very huge Christmas tree, a manger that symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ and a Christmas village just like what my Ninong Junvil and Ninang Malou had in their home last year. 
The Villacillo's Christmas Village

According to them, they have been building the Christmas Village since 2009. Every year new figurines come in and after 3 years this is how the village looks like.

Isn’t it amazing? I wonder how much this collection cost, and what's the addition for this year?  

Well, as for me I’ll just satisfy my eyes by looking at their well decorated home and wished that someday my family will have a beautiful home that we can decorate together not only during Christmas but all throughout the year.