Monday, October 14, 2013

Dreaming for a Vacation

I checked out my passport today and found that it will be expiring few months from now. And the funny thing is, I wasn’t able to use it not even once, because I wasn’t able to travel outside the country yet. :(

Hubby and I had scheduled Hong Kong and Singapore Trips in 2010 but ended up not going because I got pregnant to our first born. Since, then we have not plan any trips abroad yet, scared to end up in the same situation, and aside from that we are in very tight budget. 

Maybe by next year or two years from now we’ll be able to plan again and eventually fly to Hong Kong and Singapore. I think it will be hassle free if we’ll book a tour package like those offered by than booking and making our own itinerary.

And when that time comes, we hope to go and enjoy the vacation as one whole family.