Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Drinking Cold Water When Pregnant

Even though Luzon was drenched with heavy rains last week, it felt like summer in the southern part of the Philippines. The weather was so hot that even the electric fans were giving off hot hot air huh! I have no choice but to refresh myself with ice cold water. And last week also, I had freezing mango shakes during our lunch outs for 3 consecutive days. I told hubby about it and he told me that someone had told him also that drinking too much cold water when pregnant will make the baby hefty.
Is it true? 

I’ve searched the internet for facts, but I can’t find any. Most websites wrote that “there is nothing wrong in drinking cold water”. But there is a fun fact that I’ve read about that drinking ice cold water will make the baby move. I tried and it did make my baby move all over. J

Unless advised by my OB, I think I’ll satisfy myself with cold water. Water is the only liquid I’m taking most of the time aside from the glass of milk every morning, because I have refrained myself from taking caffeinated drinks for now.