Sunday, October 27, 2013

Men and Watches

Do you know that men’s watches are not that popular until after the World War II? Accordingly, wristwatches were already issued to soldiers during the First World War as a means of coordinating mission and keeping them organized, but after the war the men returned to wearing pocket watches because only women wear wristwatches that time. It was only after WW II that men/soldiers retained using the wristwatches and hence wristwatch had become a man’s accessory. 

photo not mine

These days there are a lot of styles available in the market. Men can choose from the most fashionable to simple designs the suit their taste. Men today own more than one watch that they can interchange depending on their mood and style.

I remember my ex-boyfriend turned husband back then, instead of wearing his wristwatch that his parents bought for him when he passed the EE board exam on his wrist he kept them in his pocket. But later when he started working, wristwatch had become the only accessory he can wear. Whenever I asked him what he wants as a gift he will always say a wristwatch. Well, that’s way before when we were still financially sufficient, unlike these days. 

Since, Christmas is fast approaching and it’s been years since I got him a watch, I might give him another one when I receive my bonus. Hmmm let's see...