Monday, October 14, 2013

My Funny Earthquake Experience

Today, October 15, 2013 is a regular holiday in the Philippines in observance of the EID’L ADHA (Feast of Sacrifice). As usual if we are required to have an overtime work on Saturday and Sunday, holiday like today is no exception. 

I arrived at the office 10 minutes before 8:00AM and 22 minutes later, we felt the building shaking and the glass walls squeaking. The trembling of the ground was strongly felt here in Cagayan de Oro City even though the earthquake epicentre was recorded somewhere in Bohol with 7.2 magnitude. 

Panicked? Sort of, even though we had earthquake drills before, the actual is really different. During drills I usually bring my purse with me when vacating the building but in the actual situation I was able to grab my cellphone only. Lol.. And while outside the building, I noticed I’m wearing the wrong pair of slippers.

My colleagues also laughed seeing my feet, at least we had funny experience while waiting for the clearance to safely return in the building.