Thursday, October 10, 2013

Officially in the 3rd Trimester

On Wednesday October 2, I'm official in my 3rd trimester of gestation. A day after I was scheduled for steroid shots with my ob-gyne. 

Why do I need steroids? According to my ob-gyne-perinalogist, she usually gives steroids to expectant mothers who have history of bleeding and spotting, miscarriages and stillbirths. The purpose it to help the development of the lungs of the baby which is actually the last organ to develop in case there is premature birth. 

In my case I had stillbirth last year at 27 weeks, and my first born was a pre-term baby at 36 weeks. I’m so afraid of pre-term delivery after the last two experiences. So I heed to my doctor’s advice, I know that she knows best because she’s in her profession for years already. 

But I never fail to pray for a safe delivery and a normal on an the right time. I know God will be with me, with us.

On the lighter side, my last ultrasound showed that baby J is doing very well inside Mommy’s tummy and doki also showed us baby J’s face. Although she tried to cover her face with her left arm, we clearly saw part of her face especially the nose and mouth. And the picture tells she’ll be having Mommy’s nose hehehehe…