Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Ants Problem

I think we’re able to shooo away the mosquitoes in our surrounding with the help of the citronella grass that we have planted in the front yard + the citronella bug spray from human nature that we apply not only to our son but to ourselves as well whenever we step out from the house.

But our problem these days are the tiny ants the keep on creeping inside the house. Whether on the wall or on the floor I can see them lining up coming from the outside to somewhere inside where they can find scattered foods that my son had left behind. Although I always tell the Yaya to clean the area after to refrain the ants from coming in, these little creatures can still smell them from afar.  

We ceased to use insecticides at home these days because of my pregnancy. Instead we made use of alchohol mixed with detergent to spray the insects the come into the house. And maybe later we will try treating the area around the house with permethrin pro to stop these ants from invading. I hope by that time we’ll be able to solve this dilemma.