Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Table Setting Ideas

It is the first day of December! 24 more days and we’ll be celebrating the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. It is supposedly the birth date of our beautiful and precious Jewel but since she came out too early we’ll be having our Christmas Noche Buena at home and not at the hospital. 

I’m thinking of decorating our table for the feast, I already bought a Christmas-themed table cloth but since our existing table cloth is already old I made use the new already. I think the table cloth will not look that great when Christmas arrives, so I'm thinking of other alternatives.
While browsing Pinterest, I found these Christmas table setting ideas. There are actually a lot to choose from but I prefer simple yet elegant settings. I spotted also some digital printed spandex stretch cover that is ideal for any occasion.

 The white tablecloth + red table runner setting or the opposite, which do you prefer?

For me the dark red table cloth with white table runner really look so elegant. With the matching candles and ornaments, the setting is just so perfect for me. I better start looking for these cloths and the table runner get ready for Christmas Eve. :-)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Entertaining Our First Born with the Train and Candy Rides

When a newborn arrives, expect the first born to be jealous. Yes! That's really how it is. I saw and felt our first born being jealous with his baby sister the moment we've brought baby Jewel home.

Imagine how big brother Xye looked at his baby sister, with an "annoying look". When he saw his father and I were busy taking care with the baby while feeding her, he started crying and looking at us with those upsetting teary eyes.

I told hubby right away to be on Xye's side because he felt he was left alone, it took a while before we're able to ease him. At midnight when the baby cried asking for milk, even though he's already asleep he also cried.

For a week Kuya Xye doesn't want to do his activities, as if his routine was disrupted. He even sit in the corner/far away from everyone at his school while waiting for his teacher, although he don't socialize with others he usually roam around and play at the school ground, but during those times, he doesn't want to do his usual routine. His teacher also told us the he wasn't in the mood, he didn't want to play or do his tasks.

Eleven days after I gave birth and seven days after we've brought home baby Jewel, hubby and I took a little time out with our first born by bringing him at the Centrio Mall and let him board the train and some candy rides.

At P35.00 per head Xye and I had one round of train ride at the open area of Ayala Centrio Mall.

The one round was already enough considering the price. After the train ride of we went to the atrium where the candy rides are located. Xye chose the animals he wanted to hopped on. Of course, I have to ride along with him, hubby just want to take photos. Okay lang, medyo matagal na din, the last time I rode the candy rides with Xye.

First, we had a 4 minutes slow ride with the giraffe. The four minute ride is equivalent to 2 tokens of P10.00 each, i.e. P20.00/ride.

Second, Xye chose the lion.

A little pose here and there, then later continued strolling in the mall.

The few hours of our own version of entertainment did help put Kuya back on track. Also with conversations with him telling him about his baby sister.

Today, he don't look at his sister differently, though he never throw anything to the crib or the baby naman, but at least he's again a one happy boy. I hope with the new member around, it will probably help him become matured emotionally and hopefully will be able to talk and communicate with us the soonest.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Birth Story of Jewel

The continuation of the story...
The moment that I’m praying not to happen indeed had happened. I called up my OB and was advised to be admitted right away because she knows that my cervix opens up too fast and I usually give birth very fast. 

1:30AM... Hubby and I went to the hospital bringing only clothes/things for me and the baby that we easily had grabbed. I was doing my list that night and wasn’t able to prepare them yet. 

We went directly to the ER with water/amniotic fluid continuously leaking I was trembling not only because I was cold but because I was so afraid. Few minutes later my OB came in, did the IE (2cm) and later sent me to the Labor Room. Because she knew my history, she preferred to stay with me until I give birth. At 8:35AM with only 5 minutes from the time I was transferred from Labor Room to the Delivery Room, I gave birth to a 2.1kg baby girl. 

The moment I saw my baby girl moving and crying it was the happiest, I kept on saying “my baby please stay with us, stay with mama” until the pediatrician and the nurses took her to the neonatal intensive care unit. 

Before transferring to the recovery room, they allowed us to see our baby girl, our Jewel before she was put in the incubator. 

Per pediatrician’s advise she has to stay in the incubator, with oxygen attached, a hose in her mouth to check if she will have unusual discharges coming out from the mouth (because it’s a way of determining if she has intestinal obstruction) and a dextrose. An x-ray was conducted to examine if there were obstructions in her intestine.

A day after, the pediatrician told us a very good news, the x-ray results were clear, there were no unusual discharges, she was able to poo and urinate, she was taken out from the incubator, the oxygen support was also stopped, although the dextrose has to stay because she had not fed yet and had to stay under the “bili light” to treat the newborn jaundice or “yellowing”.

Learning those, our heavy and worried hearts were finally uplifted. Yes! God is Good! He did hear our prayers. We prayed and prayed that our baby girl will be alright even though she is a premature baby.  

I was discharged first from the hospital (November 12, 2013), my bill alone was already more than the allowable amount covered by the insurance. Extending another day means additional payment. Jewel had to stay for another day at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). 

Before going home hubby and I took time to thank God for being with us always.

Chapel at the Hospital
The following day, we went early to the hospital and waited for the Jewel’s doctor. After she was examined, the doctor gave the discharge order and allowed us to take baby home on November 13, 2013.

According to the pediatrician's assessment, baby Jewel was already 35 weeks at birth although she is still a preterm baby she can already survive the outside world, because her weight at birth is already 2.1kg.

At past 12 noon we're on our way home! Yippeee.. I was able to take some selfie photos below..

 Finally, our little girl, our princess is home.

Today, November 22, 2013 she is already 12 days old, she already had her first visit with her doctor on Monday November 18, 2013. 

Although she’s still so tiny but at least we know she is healthy and will be just fine. 

With the things we've been through, we never questioned our Creator why He let things happened because we know that He had reasons for everything. 

Jewel was too excited to come out, she can't wait for her term which is supposedly on December 25, 2013. 

Playing the Guitar is Not Really For Me

Once in my younger days I dreamt of becoming a guitarist, but sadly the talent, the skills wasn’t really for me. I tried learning, but my hands don’t cooperate, I can’t even do even simple strumming, and my fingers cannot hold tight the strings. I gave up and concluded that playing the guitar is really not thing. 

I think I’ll pass on my dream to my children. Maybe one of them will have the interest, and if that happens I will surely support them. After all getting the right equipment is so easy these days like guitar strings free shipping at m123 and other related accessories.

The Last Three Weeks of Pregnancy

My 3rd trimester of pregnancy was more of a worry and should I say well monitored by my doctor.

I was found to be polyhydramnios when I had my ultrasound on my 31st week gestation, meaning I have an excessive amniotic fluid. The OB advised me to cut off my sugar intake and must follow strict diet, suspecting that I had a gestational diabetes.

According to her, when there is an excessive amniotic fluid there is a possibility that my amniotic sac will rupture early. Which I’m too afraid to happen considering my first born was a pre-term baby at 36 weeks, my amniotic sac had ruptured early that time.

After a week (32nd week) I undergo a glucose screening and glucose tolerance test, and thank God the result was normal. My amniotic fluid had also dropped from 26 to 16.

On the 33rd week, I went for another check-up and my amniotic fluid had increased again by 2.

During those 3 weeks, the OB had noticed also in the ultrasound that the baby has a small stomach bubble (below normal). I was so worried, that maybe there is something wrong with the baby, because according to my doctor there is a possibility that the baby had intestinal obstruction, because she had the same case before. Though she was so honest with her observations, she’s giving us hope, telling us that she also encountered the same case but the baby came out to be healthy.   

And to ease our worry she assured us that she will call in a pediatrician that is a neonatal specialist when I give birth.

Also every time I had my pre-natal check-up my OB always reminds me to call her right away if I’ll have spotting or if the amniotic sac will burst.

Although my husband keeps on reminding me not to worry because our baby is doing well, still I can’t take it out of my head. I’m too afraid to give birth early, too afraid that my baby will not survive.

I kept on praying just to reach even only up to 37 weeks before giving birth but God had other plans for me and the baby because on 33 weeks and 5 days, November 10, 2013, 1AM my amniotic sac had ruptured.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

3rd Birthday Simple Celebration

It was Xye's 3rd Birthday last Friday November 15, 2013, and we had a simple celebration the following day Saturday with family and relatives. Unlike, his previous birthdays, this year we did not celebrate that much, we don't have other visitors aside from hubby's sister and her family, my mother in law, and hubby's cousin and her family. 

I still made a tarpaulin for him, bought a Red Ribbon's dedication cake, and prepared small servings of pork barbeque and hotdog on sticks, pork humba, grilled fish, sotanghon, macaroni salad and pineapple slices. 

Bought one dozen birthday balloons, hubby inflated them early in the morning and by lunch time only 6 had remained the rest had burst one by one.

Still the event was one happy celebration because we're able to have few hours bonding with the family. 

Here's a photo of the birthday boy and his cousin Adrian.   

Like I've mentioned in my last post, I still have to bring the little one for a shopping spree. Hubby accompanied and played with Xye at the play house in SM yesterday, while I hit the department store. But I end up buying only important items for the newborn, I wasn't able to anything for the birthday boy because there were no items on SALE. 

Sorry Xye, Mama will buy something for you like clothes, shoes and toys on payday, and when you grow up I'll get you an affordable premier genista and let you learn music. 

Happy Birthday Kuya Xye! We Love You So Much!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Xye is THREE

Three years ago, November 15, I gave birth to our first bundle of joy, our first born, our prince, the greatest gift given by our Lord.

Today, he's already a big boy at THREE.

As much as we want to give him a big birthday party, we simply can't this time because of other situations.
Hubby and I wasn’t able to get something for him on his birthday yet, because we’re not able to hit the mall lately. I’m thinking of giving Xye a shopping spree next week if I’m back in my normal self.  My nephew is also asking for drum shoes like those db shoes at musicians friend  maybe I can find one too.

Nevertheless, still we'll be having a simple celebration tomorrow with the family.

Again! Happy Birthday Kuya Xye! 

Mama, Papa and Ading love you so much!