Tuesday, November 19, 2013

3rd Birthday Simple Celebration

It was Xye's 3rd Birthday last Friday November 15, 2013, and we had a simple celebration the following day Saturday with family and relatives. Unlike, his previous birthdays, this year we did not celebrate that much, we don't have other visitors aside from hubby's sister and her family, my mother in law, and hubby's cousin and her family. 

I still made a tarpaulin for him, bought a Red Ribbon's dedication cake, and prepared small servings of pork barbeque and hotdog on sticks, pork humba, grilled fish, sotanghon, macaroni salad and pineapple slices. 

Bought one dozen birthday balloons, hubby inflated them early in the morning and by lunch time only 6 had remained the rest had burst one by one.

Still the event was one happy celebration because we're able to have few hours bonding with the family. 

Here's a photo of the birthday boy and his cousin Adrian.   

Like I've mentioned in my last post, I still have to bring the little one for a shopping spree. Hubby accompanied and played with Xye at the play house in SM yesterday, while I hit the department store. But I end up buying only important items for the newborn, I wasn't able to anything for the birthday boy because there were no items on SALE. 

Sorry Xye, Mama will buy something for you like clothes, shoes and toys on payday, and when you grow up I'll get you an affordable premier genista and let you learn music. 

Happy Birthday Kuya Xye! We Love You So Much!