Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Happy Sunday with the Boys

Yesterday Sunday, Hubby and Xye fetched me up at the office after my half-day overtime work.  And headed to Gaisano Mall for the little boy's haircut. 

I thought we'll end up going home without the haircut, but gladly the little one cooperated a bit and was able to finish the usual style, though there are leftovers that I needed to cut later when he's asleep.

No picture taken while having the haircut because I was busy holding my phone while playing nursery rhymes videos as distraction while Uncle Barber is doing his job. 

After the main agenda, we headed to Centrio Ayala Mall and let the little one play at the open park inside the mall. There are a lot of children playing, I think it will be a great venue for him to observe and eventually play with other kids.

Few minutes later, off to the 3rd for the animal ride at P20.00 for 4 minutes. The boys had two rounds of drive. Can you see the smiling face of the little one? He sure had a great day!

Mama played the photographer of the day.. hehehe