Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bags from ZALORA!

I got a P2500 voucher from Zalora last week (Monday) after making a collaboration with them. Excited with the voucher, I placed my orders 4 days after I received it (Friday). After 3 days the package arrived at our doorsteps. I wasn't able to open the package until yesterday because I was at the hospital.

Excited what I had with my P2500 voucher? ... here goes..

I never expected that Zalora had a very decent and secured packaging. I'm giving a thumbs up for this!

The box was received by our most trusted helper and since we're not around she called us up if I was expecting something, I told her I did and had to pay P200.00 for the shipping charge. I even borrowed money from her. (hindi kasi nakapag-iwan ng pambayad, you'll know why soon...)

Inside the box are two bags, one for hubby and the other is of course for me.

with free Downy Perfum Fabric Conditioner
Hubby needed a new backpack because the one his using is already a "service awardee of more than 5 years". He wanted a North Face backpack for quite sometime already but sadly we can't afford it, a P4500 - P6000 bag is too expensive for us. 

The voucher came in as blessing,  I told him about it and had him choose which one he wanted that is within the budget. He chose this Halo Tamyr Backpack with price tag of P 1,395.00.

A black light weight and compact designed backpack with built-in sleeve for laptop and tablet. Even though it is not the bag that he is wishing for but still he is so contented with it. 

Hubby trying the bag first thing in the morning.

Now it's my turn...

I thought of getting myself a purse for office use, but had changed my mind. I'm a person of two personalities that shifted from corporate slave to a plain and simple on the go mom. So during the days I'm out of the office I always carry with me a shoulder/sling bag. I had few of them at home but already more that a year old or more, so I decided to get myself a new one. 

Looking into Zalora, I spotted this Quilted  Shoulder Bag from Mossimo at P1,090.00. I fell in love with the bag when I saw it, not only because of the chic and cool design but because of the color. Yep! I wanted a red bag for a change, and this one is just perfect. 


I can't wait to get this pretty sling bag hanging on my shoulder. 

Again, thank you Zalora for the voucher, until next time.


  1. Nice choices i love both eapecially the red Mossimo!! Congrats!!

  2. Nice red bag :)

    Please add me up through GFC and Google+

  3. Wow, so nice! I love both but I think my hubby will like the Halo bag also.I haven't spent my voucher from collaborating with Zalora, too. Wonder what I will purchase from it. Maybe, a bag would do, too. :-)


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