Saturday, November 2, 2013

Casual Outfits Preference for Fridays

Dressing up in a corporate world or in an office environment is different when you work in a factory or a job that requires you to work in the field. 

While working in the factory or field may allow you to wear jeans, pants and tees, in the office it’s a different thing. Proper corporate dress code is definitely required unless the company had implemented a uniform like in oAur work place.

But if you’re in an office with no uniform, women should wear the appropriate professional attire like suit with skirt or pants for women provided that the skirt should fall to the knees, a little bit and above and below knee is acceptable but not too tight and should not have a very high slit. For the top layer, pick conservative and not too revealing shirts, well-tailored and not too tight.

I work in a company that requires us to use proper uniforms from Monday to Thursday, while Friday is wash day. But wearing flip-flops, short shorts, tiny tanks tops in the office is definitely a no-no, casual office attire is still a must during Fridays. 

Although we have to dress-up in casual office attire on a Friday it doesn’t mean that I have to purchase the most expensive clothing. What I need are clothes that are within my budget. I needed a shop that holds stylish, appropriate and affordable clothing, and I think I can find them at Zalora Philippines. 

Looking into Zalora, I found some Ezra pieces that can match my Fridays outfit preference. 

1. A black skinny jeans with black and white sleeveless top.

I so love this Monocrome Peplum Top shirt, an elegant outfit for casual and also great for corporate and semi-formal dressing.

2. The Black & White Geometric Printed Panelled Peplum Top with a pencil skirt.

Like choice # 1 this set is also perfect for corporate and semi-formal dressing.
3. A dark beige sleek and slimming jeans match with a classy white tee.


This set looks so neat and versatile.

And lastly, a Black Metallic Tweed Jacket by Ezra Premium, I think I can wear this with my choices above.

If you’ve notice I’m more in a neutral, black and white color because these shades can be match up to most of my existing outfits. 

Hmmm, wearing these pieces will surely make my day in spite of the stressful day at work especially on Fridays and these will surely add my positive outlook at work and life in general.  

photo credits: Zalora