Thursday, November 28, 2013

Entertaining Our First Born with the Train and Candy Rides

When a newborn arrives, expect the first born to be jealous. Yes! That's really how it is. I saw and felt our first born being jealous with his baby sister the moment we've brought baby Jewel home.

Imagine how big brother Xye looked at his baby sister, with an "annoying look". When he saw his father and I were busy taking care with the baby while feeding her, he started crying and looking at us with those upsetting teary eyes.

I told hubby right away to be on Xye's side because he felt he was left alone, it took a while before we're able to ease him. At midnight when the baby cried asking for milk, even though he's already asleep he also cried.

For a week Kuya Xye doesn't want to do his activities, as if his routine was disrupted. He even sit in the corner/far away from everyone at his school while waiting for his teacher, although he don't socialize with others he usually roam around and play at the school ground, but during those times, he doesn't want to do his usual routine. His teacher also told us the he wasn't in the mood, he didn't want to play or do his tasks.

Eleven days after I gave birth and seven days after we've brought home baby Jewel, hubby and I took a little time out with our first born by bringing him at the Centrio Mall and let him board the train and some candy rides.

At P35.00 per head Xye and I had one round of train ride at the open area of Ayala Centrio Mall.

The one round was already enough considering the price. After the train ride of we went to the atrium where the candy rides are located. Xye chose the animals he wanted to hopped on. Of course, I have to ride along with him, hubby just want to take photos. Okay lang, medyo matagal na din, the last time I rode the candy rides with Xye.

First, we had a 4 minutes slow ride with the giraffe. The four minute ride is equivalent to 2 tokens of P10.00 each, i.e. P20.00/ride.

Second, Xye chose the lion.

A little pose here and there, then later continued strolling in the mall.

The few hours of our own version of entertainment did help put Kuya back on track. Also with conversations with him telling him about his baby sister.

Today, he don't look at his sister differently, though he never throw anything to the crib or the baby naman, but at least he's again a one happy boy. I hope with the new member around, it will probably help him become matured emotionally and hopefully will be able to talk and communicate with us the soonest.