Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Birth Story of Jewel

The continuation of the story...
The moment that I’m praying not to happen indeed had happened. I called up my OB and was advised to be admitted right away because she knows that my cervix opens up too fast and I usually give birth very fast. 

1:30AM... Hubby and I went to the hospital bringing only clothes/things for me and the baby that we easily had grabbed. I was doing my list that night and wasn’t able to prepare them yet. 

We went directly to the ER with water/amniotic fluid continuously leaking I was trembling not only because I was cold but because I was so afraid. Few minutes later my OB came in, did the IE (2cm) and later sent me to the Labor Room. Because she knew my history, she preferred to stay with me until I give birth. At 8:35AM with only 5 minutes from the time I was transferred from Labor Room to the Delivery Room, I gave birth to a 2.1kg baby girl. 

The moment I saw my baby girl moving and crying it was the happiest, I kept on saying “my baby please stay with us, stay with mama” until the pediatrician and the nurses took her to the neonatal intensive care unit. 

Before transferring to the recovery room, they allowed us to see our baby girl, our Jewel before she was put in the incubator. 

Per pediatrician’s advise she has to stay in the incubator, with oxygen attached, a hose in her mouth to check if she will have unusual discharges coming out from the mouth (because it’s a way of determining if she has intestinal obstruction) and a dextrose. An x-ray was conducted to examine if there were obstructions in her intestine.

A day after, the pediatrician told us a very good news, the x-ray results were clear, there were no unusual discharges, she was able to poo and urinate, she was taken out from the incubator, the oxygen support was also stopped, although the dextrose has to stay because she had not fed yet and had to stay under the “bili light” to treat the newborn jaundice or “yellowing”.

Learning those, our heavy and worried hearts were finally uplifted. Yes! God is Good! He did hear our prayers. We prayed and prayed that our baby girl will be alright even though she is a premature baby.  

I was discharged first from the hospital (November 12, 2013), my bill alone was already more than the allowable amount covered by the insurance. Extending another day means additional payment. Jewel had to stay for another day at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). 

Before going home hubby and I took time to thank God for being with us always.

Chapel at the Hospital
The following day, we went early to the hospital and waited for the Jewel’s doctor. After she was examined, the doctor gave the discharge order and allowed us to take baby home on November 13, 2013.

According to the pediatrician's assessment, baby Jewel was already 35 weeks at birth although she is still a preterm baby she can already survive the outside world, because her weight at birth is already 2.1kg.

At past 12 noon we're on our way home! Yippeee.. I was able to take some selfie photos below..

 Finally, our little girl, our princess is home.

Today, November 22, 2013 she is already 12 days old, she already had her first visit with her doctor on Monday November 18, 2013. 

Although she’s still so tiny but at least we know she is healthy and will be just fine. 

With the things we've been through, we never questioned our Creator why He let things happened because we know that He had reasons for everything. 

Jewel was too excited to come out, she can't wait for her term which is supposedly on December 25, 2013.