Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

The past year may be full of ups and down but definitely another best year for us because we became a family of four. We are very thankful that God has given us another opportunity to become parents to a baby girl.

Year 2013 ended with graces and blessings and we're looking forward for another year full of hopes, love and happiness.

Happy New Year to Everyone!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New TV from the Extra Bonus

Aside from the regular bonus that we receive every year + the grocery bag and ham, our ever generous company had given us another bonus, our performance bonus this year. Yippee! the extra cash was credited to our payroll accounts before Christmas. Thanks so so Much!

Every year, hubby and I set aside our bonuses for the lot amortization, we deposit it right away in the bank. Meaning we weren't able to buy any material things with it. But this year since we got extra, we decided to buy ourselves a Christmas gift, a new Samsung Smart LED TV for the whole family to enjoy. 

With an SRP of P27,997 we got the 32" Samsung Smart LED Slim Series 6 TV for only P19.997 at Abenson, Centrio Mall. 

Our son tend to be excited with the cartoon series he watch and usually tap his hands on the TV monitor. To avoid untoward accident that may damage the appliance and hurt the little one, hubby mounted the TV on the wall, using an adjustable TV bracket that we have purchased separately. 


With the new TV already on our living room, we'll be vacating hubby's 10 year old Sony 21" CRT TV, who had been occupying too much space of the small living room. This old-buddy will be staying in our bedroom from now on.  

Hubby already set-up the cable connection and the dvd player. It will be my turn to read the manual, explore the TV's functionality for us to enjoy the appliance features. 

Merry Christmas

May you heart be filled with love, hope and joy not only this season but throughout the year.

Merry Christmas to You and Your Family!

 From: Jan, Jes, Xye and Zel

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Best Christmas Gift This Year

Christmas this year is one of the two happiest Christmases I ever had, because this year we celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ with an addition in the family. Yes! our baby girl our bundle of joy, our Jewel, the best Christmas Gift this year.

With the two kids around + an ever loving husband, I could not ask for more.  I always thank God for giving them to me. They are my everything, they are my life.
Happy Birthday Jesus!
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Baby's OOTD - I Love Mommy

My internet connection is back in shape finally, after a very slow connection for the past days. You may wonder that in spite of the slow connection I was able to do back to back posts, that is because I have to shift to my Globe tattoo mobile stick, though it's still slow but at least I was able to post and upload. 

Anyway just to lighten my day and I hope you also, I just want to share our baby girl's photos. I'm embarking on the OOTD (outfit of the day) thing here, by sharing Jewel's outfit after taking a bath.

Taken last Monday, wearing a Carter's romper featuring embroidered "I Heart Mommy" mother and baby zebras.

Brand new rompers cost about P150 to P250 per piece but this pink newborn Carter romper Jewel is wearing, was one of my good as new thrift finds at the ukay-ukay. I bought this two years ago at an ukay-ukay store in Iligan City with a price tag of P70.00.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Meanings Behind a Promise Ring

Promise rings are usually given by one person to another before the engagement as a symbol of promise of love and marriage. But promise rings not only symbolizes the latter, it can mean anything as well like; promise to be faithful, to come back, to keep my words, to keep the friendship, or even a promise of a person to abstain from any vice like smoking, drinking or gambling. 

Whatever it is that you want to promise to a certain person, you can always give promise rings for her as long as you’ll speak out the true meaning of it to avoid misunderstanding and unhappiness.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I was searching for a cleansing regime in the internet like lemon water detox that said can help flush out toxins from the body. I learned that drinking a glass of lukewarm lemon water can definitely kick off our day and at the same time cleanse our system. 

While playing with googgle, I stumbled upon so called rapid detox. Curiosity strikes, I read through. Rapid detox also known as “Rapid Opiate detoxification” is a procedure conducted to patient that physically detoxifies from drug addiction in just few hours like those offered by  Accordingly, after the procedure the patient can start the recovery phase right away by undergoing psychological counseling to avoid risk of relapse.

Grocery Basket and Fiesta Ham

What we love about the company we worked for, the management never fails to give us gifts on Christmas, usually in cash bonus, grocery basket + fiesta ham.

Last week the grocery basket/bag + fiesta ham were already distributed. Since, I’m still on maternity leave my officemate claimed the items for me, then later went to the office to pick them up.

Just like the previous years, the grocery items we received are usually passed on to our two house employees aside from the cash bonus that we also give them. It’s our way of compensating the services they are providing us. They needed the job as much as we needed their services. Treating them as part of the family is our goal for them to feel at ease and will stay longer with us. (mahirap kaya maghanap ng Yaya.. hmmmp!)  Hope we’ll be able make them happy in some ways this Christmas.

As for the hams, we’ll be serving one on Noche Buena and the other at the Media Noche.

Hectic Day + Lunch Date at Sbarro

Yesterday, hubby and I had a very busy day outside our home. Yep! We went out to pay our water bill, settled our obligations in the bank, went and hoped to get my EQ membership card at their office here in CDO but unfortunately they do not know about it and dropped by at the Unionbank to check if my withdrawn paypal earnings were credited in my EON card, then to the pharmacy and grocery. 
It was a very hectic day but still in between the itinerary we were able to have our “us” time. Hubby and I had a lunch date at Sbarro. Sbarro had been serving the Kagay-anons for more than a year already but hubby and I were not able to find time to visit. Busy always. Busy daw

As always I had my favorite Chicago White Pizza while hubby got the Supreme something + the half-half drink (half lemonade and half ice tea). 

After our lunch we also visited one of the electronic shops and got a speaker cables for my old-aged computer speaker that we’ll be attaching to our old-aged dvd player. Old-aged it may be but still useable because it can still play nursery rhymes for the kids.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Musing After Three Days Offline

My past three days was not online friendly, because of the very slow internet connection at home. I contacted my provider last night but the hotline doesn’t answer. I planned to place a formal complaint early this morning, good thing the connection is back to normal. 

Having a slow internet connection during the weekend made me missed my second round of comment exchange. Meaning this week, only this blog was included in the list. :-(

I really want to include my handcraft blog this week, because I wanted to show you my first nail art after months of rest and also my first crochet bootie. Yep! I finally was able to accomplish a simple newborn crochet bootie for my baby. Hurray!