Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Grocery Basket and Fiesta Ham

What we love about the company we worked for, the management never fails to give us gifts on Christmas, usually in cash bonus, grocery basket + fiesta ham.

Last week the grocery basket/bag + fiesta ham were already distributed. Since, I’m still on maternity leave my officemate claimed the items for me, then later went to the office to pick them up.

Just like the previous years, the grocery items we received are usually passed on to our two house employees aside from the cash bonus that we also give them. It’s our way of compensating the services they are providing us. They needed the job as much as we needed their services. Treating them as part of the family is our goal for them to feel at ease and will stay longer with us. (mahirap kaya maghanap ng Yaya.. hmmmp!)  Hope we’ll be able make them happy in some ways this Christmas.

As for the hams, we’ll be serving one on Noche Buena and the other at the Media Noche.