Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hectic Day + Lunch Date at Sbarro

Yesterday, hubby and I had a very busy day outside our home. Yep! We went out to pay our water bill, settled our obligations in the bank, went and hoped to get my EQ membership card at their office here in CDO but unfortunately they do not know about it and dropped by at the Unionbank to check if my withdrawn paypal earnings were credited in my EON card, then to the pharmacy and grocery. 
It was a very hectic day but still in between the itinerary we were able to have our “us” time. Hubby and I had a lunch date at Sbarro. Sbarro had been serving the Kagay-anons for more than a year already but hubby and I were not able to find time to visit. Busy always. Busy daw

As always I had my favorite Chicago White Pizza while hubby got the Supreme something + the half-half drink (half lemonade and half ice tea). 

After our lunch we also visited one of the electronic shops and got a speaker cables for my old-aged computer speaker that we’ll be attaching to our old-aged dvd player. Old-aged it may be but still useable because it can still play nursery rhymes for the kids.