Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New TV from the Extra Bonus

Aside from the regular bonus that we receive every year + the grocery bag and ham, our ever generous company had given us another bonus, our performance bonus this year. Yippee! the extra cash was credited to our payroll accounts before Christmas. Thanks so so Much!

Every year, hubby and I set aside our bonuses for the lot amortization, we deposit it right away in the bank. Meaning we weren't able to buy any material things with it. But this year since we got extra, we decided to buy ourselves a Christmas gift, a new Samsung Smart LED TV for the whole family to enjoy. 

With an SRP of P27,997 we got the 32" Samsung Smart LED Slim Series 6 TV for only P19.997 at Abenson, Centrio Mall. 

Our son tend to be excited with the cartoon series he watch and usually tap his hands on the TV monitor. To avoid untoward accident that may damage the appliance and hurt the little one, hubby mounted the TV on the wall, using an adjustable TV bracket that we have purchased separately. 


With the new TV already on our living room, we'll be vacating hubby's 10 year old Sony 21" CRT TV, who had been occupying too much space of the small living room. This old-buddy will be staying in our bedroom from now on.  

Hubby already set-up the cable connection and the dvd player. It will be my turn to read the manual, explore the TV's functionality for us to enjoy the appliance features.