Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mr. Sun, Please Come Out and Shine

Mr. Sun was finally peeping against the thick gray clouds this morning. I hope and pray he will really come out and shine brightly today. Two weeks of gloomy weather, on and off rain is too much. Muddy water flooding the streets, some rivers had overflowed and yet we have to go to work because there was no typhoon signal imposed in our area. Agaton from LPA to Typhoon to LPA again was bringing only rain at a very slow moving pace. 

I hope he is already out of our area because we are running out of clothes to wear especially our baby's clothes, bibs, and blankets. Our 3 year old spin dryer and washing machine had broke down and my jack of all trade husband is trying his best to repair it.

Anyway, let's continue the day with hope and smiles on our faces because as of now I can see a much clearer surrounding.