Sunday, January 5, 2014

Plans and Wishes for 2014

A late Welcome 2014! Because it is already the 5th day of January 2014. I'm too busy lately and wasn't able to do this welcome post. (Actually I did my Thankful 2013 post late also... hehehe busy nga!)

Anyway, I've listed hings that I wanted to do this year. Here they are;

Lose Weight 

I'm sure people who are overweight wants to lose pounds every new year, their resolution, but usually end up not really doing it. This year, I'll be joining the caravan and vows to reduce these excessive pounds and body fats. I'll be cutting off my usual over-eating and go on a diet + exercise. I'm hopeful and determined to lose them for a sexier and healthy lifestyle.

Save and Invest

Hubby and I have already put up little savings in the bank, I already opened a Junior Saving account for my boy and will be opening another one for our girl soon, but our savings are deteriorating each day because of emergency expenses. This year, I'll make sure to regularly stash amount for our emergency fund/saving from our monthly pay, minimize shopping and prioritize only the needs and set aside the wants.

I've been hearing about investing in stocks, it interest me a lot and really want to try it too, but until now I wasn't able. :-( This year I'll do my best to read more and learn about stocks and look for an online broker.

Continue Jewelry Handcrafting

My handcrafted jewelries that I've been creating over the years had given extra income not only to my family but as well as to my brother's family. My sister-in-law does the selling, I usually provide her my price and it's up to her on how she'll make profit from it. So far we are doing good and hope this year I'll be diligent enough to finish the orders on time. 


Regularly Update My Blogs

Even with my day job to give importance to, 2 children and a husband to prioritize, handcrafting sideline to create, I'll ensure that my blogging will not be compromised. I'll try my best to update my blogs regularly, especially now that I have a new point and shoot camera to take photos for my blogs, and is already getting opportunities from time to time. Who nows I'll get more moolahs this year and will be able to get my wants, our wants soon. 

Sewing Machine 

Last December the sewing machine that I've been wanting to get had a discount of P2,000. I already set aside the profit I had from my the handmade jewelries for the that purpose. But on the last day of the promo period, and was on the way to the mall, I changed my mind and decided not to buy it. Considering it's usage, I realized I don't need it yet and I don't have extra time to learn how to sew. I think if I have a more precise project and determination to learn plus the time I'll get the sewing machine this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 or Note III

Gadgets made it's way to my wishlist again. Last year, I wished to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab but wasn't able to, because of budget constraint. Instead, my husband bought a Cherry Fusion Bolt Tablet for my son. The cherry tab doesn't satisfy my techie wants because I wanted something else, I want a high-end gadget for myself. This year if lucky enough to have an extra cash coming from my handcraft sideline or from blogging I might be able to get a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 or a Samsung Galaxy Note III Smartphone. 

And lastly, my greatest wish, as well as hubby's is to start building our own home. Until now we still can't apply for a housing loan because of the "transfer of land title" problem. I pray that the previous land owner will do their part, so that we can move on with the processing. On the other hand we are hoping to sell the corner lot we have at a subdivision here in CDO and use the money to finance our house building project.

These are the plans and wishes that I can think of while writing this post, I just hope that some of them will be realized this year.