Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Power Up with Powerbank

Almost all people from all walks of life already have mobile phones these days, from simple talk and text function only to sophisticated smartphones, everyone cannot go out without one in hand. Like in my case I carry with me two android phones, one carrying my unlimited call sim, while the other is with my first and oldest pre-paid sim. Because these gadgets are so important to me, I see to it that I always carry with me my battery charger. But unfortunately, plug on chargers are useless if there are no live outlets or electricity in the area you are at. 

I was eyeing to get myself a portable power bank that I can carry with me all the time. Luck strikes, I got one as a gift, a late Christmas gift from our partner company. I do not how I end up as one of the lucky recipients because our group never received one from them eversince. But no matter what I’m very thankful, because this time I don’t need to buy one for myself.  


  1. parang very useful nga to esp during emergencies. I wonder if this is expensive?

  2. Yeah, I'm also interested with the price! How much does it cost?


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